About Us

Thank you so much for visiting my store, Custom Cre8tive!

I have a small business that has just got started and I am very excited about being 100% involved with bringing my customers quality and reasonably products on a daily basis as "my job"!

I am a stay at home Mom who has always dreamed of opening my own small business online, so I started this store! I wanted to share some great products to help make life either a little easier, more fun, more fashionable and in some cases (like with the funny coffee mugs) just to have a giggle! The designs on the mugs and the clothing are all custom designed by myself, that's one of my passions, being creative and being able to offer unique items to my customers.

I am building up my catalog on a regular basis so come back often and check out what's new! 

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me, you are welcome to leave me an email at... customcre8tive@gmail.com.

Many thanks again for visiting my store!

Best wishes,